Si-leck motorsport engine wiring harness

Are truly custom made to to every customers requirements
all harnesses are professionally labeled using thermo printed heat-shrink to ease instillation

High Performance Materials & Specifications

Raychem’s 55M silver-plated copper alloy wire (also known as space wire) or raychem’s 44M is used at the heart of our lightweight looms for its high conductor tensile strength. This also allows for the use of smaller wire gauge for areas of low current capacity within the loom. This is a growing requirement for wiring to sensors as an ever increasing amount of wires are required on a modern racing car. On looms with higher current capacity, and the use of PWM allows for analysis and monitoring of power circuits to provide for informed decisions on conductor size. This often results in the identification and use of smaller conductors, further decreasing loom weight.

The supplied Raychem DR25 range of loom sleeving is hard to improve on; it offers durability, resists chafing, is readily available and is lightweight in itself. This is also an ideal sleeving to use when weight is crucial but chafing may also occur – this is strong and light weight option.

Raychem DR25-TW has been used in F1 for over ten years as it is half the weight of DR25 and extremely flexible. is amazingly even lighter in weight, although best used with DR25 and DR25-TW for their flexibility. There are several other elements that go into making a top quality lightweight loom. The design phase is crucial as strategic routing of both the circuitry and the physical loom layout can save considerable weight.